‘Grandpa, what are cars made of?’

Al considered his grandson Ron’s question. ‘A lot of different stuff, dear. But, mostly steel.’

‘What else?’

‘Well, the newer car engines are made of aluminium alloy and the windows are made of glass. The tires are made of rubber and the consoles have a lot of plastics and fiber glass.’

Ron pondered over the reply. ‘Where does steel come from?’

‘From the insides of the earth. Iron ore is where steel comes from.’


‘That too.’

‘Where does glass come from?’

‘From sand. You have to heat sand to a very high temperature to make glass.’

‘So, a car is made from stuff we dig up from the earth?’

‘Yes, you got it.’

‘There are a lot of cars on the roads. Did all of them come from the earth?’


‘So, the earth is hollow where they dug all the materials from?’

‘Pretty much!’

‘Seems kinda waste, isn’t it? Now that we have no fuel and all cars just stand on the road like stones.’

Written in response to the picture prompt provided by Ted Strutz for FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy. Please find other entries here.Β 

Word Count: 173