Sazaki’s Gift – FFfAW 138


Minoru Sazaki had all the time in the world. The peak hour traffic at the junction before the famous marketplace didn’t face him. The Mediterranean sun warmed his body and delighted his soul. He was looking forward to spending the evening amidst the sea of tourists, painters, musicians, restaurateurs, revelers, sex workers, and even pick-pockets who had made themselves comfortable in the chaos of the marketplace.

Sazaki smiled at the children, standing with their parents, making impatient noises as they waited for the signal to turn green. Sazaki muttered a prayer for peace and happiness.

A loud noise brought him out of his reverie. A truck was thundering on the wrong side of the road, plowing through the barricades. Flashes of Nice, New York, London and Barcelona flashed through Sazaki’s mind.

Without bothering about his safety, he ran towards the speeding truck. He looked into the driver’s eyes and found nothing but hatred. He shouted out something loud just before the truck rammed into him.

The terrified onlookers saw in amazement as the truck and the little Japanese man vanished right before their eyes.

Written for the 138th edition of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Image credit – Dorothy. Please find other entries and enter your own here.

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    1. If only! Last year, I was at La Rambla, Barcelona with my family – the same place where a traffic terror attack happened earlier this year. I shudder to think what I might have done if the attack had happened when we were there. I can’t even imagine the mindset of the terrorists who commit such heinous crimes against the innocent. The haplessness of the common man was what made me take the story towards a mystical sorta direction. Thanks for the comment, Iain.

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